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Constec Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacture of products for stone restoration and architectural concrete repair.

We know that all good and competent professionals in the field of restoration, architects, conservators, engineers and contractors have a careful approach for each project in order to hand down to the next generation the maximum possible of quantity of historic fabric.

Constec wants to highly contribute at this responsible attitude and offers solutions by manufacturing very performance products, custom made.

For stone and concrete restoration we are able to reproduce not only the color but the overall of the physical characteristics. We are using in our mortars, whenever is possible, the same nature of aggregate as is in the stone / concrete to repair (e.g. for granite a granite aggregate, for sandstone a quartz aggregate etc.) and in a such proportion with the cement and the other components in order to achieve the closest properties of the repaired stone / concrete (e.g. dimensional stability, coefficient of thermal expansion, modulus of elasticity, permeability and compressive strength).